2009 Donors

Denotes contributors who gave more than the requested $50.00

First / Family name Last Name  
Allen, Jr. & Jan Adams
Don & Kim Addington
The Albee Family
Wyatt Alexander
Chuck & Kim Allen
Henry and Carolyn Allen
George and Diana Allerbach
Harry and Sallye Anderson
Allan, Lisa, William & Taylor Anderson
Larry and Sally Anderson
Bristow, Barbara & Elliott Anderson
John and Linda Andrews
Mary Elizabeth Apple and James Apple, Jr.
William & Andrea Archer
Bill & Carol Armstrong
Gus Arrendale
Gus Arrendale
Cyndae Arrendale & Gus Bussey
Rich and Muffet Arroll
Dr. Bruce and Deborah Ashendorf
Victor and Margaret Avarello
Lisa and Buddy Avery
Nancy Ayres
Frank Bachelder
The Baches
Steve and Nancy Balkcom
Harold Ball, Jr. and Juliette Ball
The Balloun Family
Michael and Mary Ann Balsamides
Lisa & Joe Bankoff
Allan & Laverne Barber
Virginia Barker
Alan Barnes
Elaine Barrow
Jonathan and Susan Barry
Cindy & Mack Barry
Patricia and George Bass, Jr.
Robert and Diane Baxter
The Beers Family
Arthur Benton
Betsill, Gary & Darlene Betsill, Gary & Darlene
Ken & Mary Jo Beverly
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bexley
William Billingsley
Mrs. Wm. F. Bishop
Jim Reaves Black Bear Creek Antiques
Bill and Marti Blincoe
Bill & Margo Boden
Bob and Ann Bohler
Thomas Boland
Mr. & Mrs. William Bomar
Kathryn Bond
Greg and Barbara Bontrager
Julie & David Boone – Wildcat on a Wing
Thomas & Shirley Bower
Dan and Florrie Bowles
Bruce Bradburn
Charles Bradford
Dr. Gordon and Donna Brady and Family
Owen and Rosemary Braun
Armin and Elizabeth Brecher
Dr. and Mrs. Clark Britt
Michael & Gerri Brooks
J.L. Brooks III and Linda Brooks
Kenneth & Carol Brown
Sandy and Billy Browning
Charlie & Barbara Brundage
Atlanta Inboard Bryan Potzner
Nancy and Doug Bryant
The Bryant Family
* Bucks Cabin LLC
Frances and Charles Bullock
James and Sara Burdette
C. S. Burgess, Jr.
Gene & Jan Burleson
R.J. and Nancy Burrell
* Burson Properties
Mavis Cahoon
Thomas and Rebecca Callahan
Sterrett Campbell
Peter Canfield and Laurel Lucey
Tom Carmichael
Thomas Carmichael
James Carson, Jr. and Anne Carson
Gordon and Nancy Castle
Donn and Carole Chambers
Ken Chambliss Chambliss
Ricky Chastain
Thomas and Mary Lee Clark
Patti and Jordan Clark
Bonnie and Chip Clifton
marilyn coble
Peter & Mary Coffman
Chip, Susan, Chris, Allison & Tyler Cole
William Collins, Jr.
Allen Compton Investments
Bob & Jeanne Congdon
Bill & Elaine Conn
John and Gail Connor
Jerry & Annette Conrad
Bob & Joanne Cooper
Victor Corrigan
Robert & Sonya Costin
Geoffrey and Betty Coulborn
Geoffrey & Betty Coulborn
john cowart
Bob and Lynn Cowhig
Mike & Virginia Crist
Edward S. Croft III
David and Ann Culley
Bill Dahlberg
Gena, Brent, Jan & Betty Dalton
John, Lynda, Ben, Ella and Zeke Dameron
Woody and Chris Daniel
Michael Darby
Timothy Darrah
Chip & Donna Davidson
Tommy and Sheilah Davis
Stuart & Kay Davis
Jeff & Elaine Davis
Ray Davis, Jr. and Sherron Davis
Linda and Gerald Daws
Virginia DeFillipo
Bob & Marianne Dehaan
Jerry Demery and Carol Cote-Demery
Grace & James Dendy, Jr.
Paul and Nita Denicola
Richard Diedrich
Sam and John Dinos
The Diversi Family
The Dixon / Black Family
Thomas and Pamela Downs
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Draughon
Joe & Renee Drexler
John & Jean Dukes
Ronald and Jane Dunbar
Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Duncan
William Dunlap
Craig and Martha Dunlevie
John and Kris Dwyer
Mariana and Richard Ebersold
Pat and Joseph Edwards
Michael Egan III and Melinda Egan
Michael and Minna Elliott
David & Kathleen Ellis
The Ellsworth/Elve Family
Katharine & Alan Elsas
Herb & Gail Entrekin
Jared Erickson
Charles and Debra Fair
Charles & Debra Fair
Paul & Judy Faletti
Steve and Nancy Fallon
Bill & Linda Farr
Milton and Peggy Farris
Al and Catherine Faulk
Dan & Susan Faulk
Don & Merry Faulk & Family
Don Faulk & Family
The Ferguson / Crim Family
* Fincher Montgomery Wellon
Bob & Nancy Fine
Robie Fisch
Gig & Tom Fischer
Dave Fitzgerald
Joseph Foltz
Joseph Foltz
Robert & Bernice Forbes
Tom & Donna Fox
Steve and Elaine Franklin
James Frazier, Jr.
James Frazier, Jr.
Fuqua Family Fuqua
Charles Gandy
Jim & Mary Gardner
Donald and Phyllis Gareis
Mike garrett
Ross and Lucy George
Beverly and Lawrence George
George Gerakitis, Jr. & Ann Gerakitis
Bill Gignilliat
Shirley Gilbert
Elizabeth & Geoffrey Gill
Elizabeth & Geoffrey Gill
Susan Ginn
Raoul Glenn
Donna Glenn
The Weir Family Glover
Mary Anne and Spencer Godfrey
Mrs. Mike Goggin
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Goines
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Goines
Estate of Betty W Golden
Ginger Golden and David Hollingsworth
Robert and Jan Goocher
Hall and Helen Goode
Ann & Waverly Graham
Danny Graham Family
The Graivier Family
James and Nancy Greene
Chip & Cathy Groome
Carl & Ann Gross
Ann and Carl Gross
Kent & Elaine Gustafson
Kent and Elaine Gustafson
Christopher and Mary Hagy
Don & Dana Hallman
renie and fred halperin
Ed Hamilton
Rachel and Mike Hammer
Jon and Deanna Hansen
Richard and Virginia Harding
Patricia (Pat) Hardy
Charles and Lee Hardy
Randy and Susan Hardy
The Jennifer & David Hardy Family in Memory of Mason Whitney
R. T. Harris
John and Andrea Harris
Ben and Lucy Harris
John & Jean Hatfield
Fred Hatterick
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Haubein
Tom and Beth Hawk
Edith Hawkins
Scott and Susan Hawkins
The Hay Family
Judith Varn Hays
Tom and Evelyn Heald
Sara and Don Heald
Keith and Beverly Heefner
Dr. D. W. and Cynthia Heidecker
Dick Hester
Keith & Kathy Hicks
Jim and Carol Higdon
Gene and Harriett Higginbotham
Diane & Kevin Hishta
Jim & Manning Holmes
Anita Sams Holton
Lou & Alicia Holtz
Harry and Laura Homer
David and Lynne Homrich
Carolyn & Larry Howard
Margaret & Gene Howard
Stallings & Julia Howell
The Howle Family
Clinton and Laurie Hubbard
Emily Huie
Amy and Gerald Hulett
Robert, Jr. & Rebecca Hunter
Dallas and Claudette Hurston
Dr. J.R. B. or Marilyn Hutchinson
Bennett & Gayle Hutchison
Betty Ann Inman
Tinsley and Gail Irvin
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Irwin
J Russell Ivie
John Jackson
Bruce & Bobby Jagor
Larry Jamison
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jensen
Evelyn Jerger
Warren & Sally Jobe
F. A. and B. G. Johansen
Butch and Slyvia Johnson
James Johnson
Fred & Debi Jones
Susan and Bruce Keenan
Bree Kelly
John and Susan Kennedy
Jonathan and Clare Kent in Memory of Mason Whitney
Cardee & Jeremy Kilpatrick
Lucien Kimball
Dean and Karen Kimbaris Kimbaris
Samuel and Betty King
Marie & Ken Klaer
Levoy and Deann Knight
Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Knight
Sidney and Martha Kollme
The Kollme Family
James and Lisa Korslund
George and Rebekah Krivsky
Mike and Kim Laczynski
Fran and Richard Lane
John A. Lanier, Jr. and Annette Lanier
Ralph & Lucille Latham
Polley Lawrence
Doug and Bonnie Lawton
Doug and Bonnie Lawton – In memory of Mason Whitney
Nolan and Patricia Leake
Timothy and Van LeBlanc
Kenneth Lee / Terry Bozeman
Herb & Ferris Leslie
Samuel Leverette
Jo & Ed Lewis
Jo and Edwin Lewis
Robert and Eleanor Lewis
Wade Lindorme
Donald and Susan Lindsey
Gray and Jana Lindsey
Robin & Mary Line
Lance Lipman
Ian and Susan Lipsitch
Ian or Michelle Lloyd-Jones
The Longo Family
Hubert & Rowena Lovell
J. Roger Lumsden
Ron & Nancy Lundstrom
The Lunsford – Stanton Family
Ken and Peggy Lynch
Thomas and Andrea Madison
Mike Maffett
Ronald and Sandra Majors
Jerry and Patty Malec
Randolph and Mary Malone
* Manget Brothers, LLC
Henry and Blair Mann
Donald & Kay Maples
Pat Marcellino,Sr.
Steve & Karen Marcinko
C. W. & Catherine Marlow
Bill & Bunny Martin
William and Susan Martin
Bill & Mary Anne Matthews
Janice May and Family
Dev & Peggy McClatchey
Devereaux F. McClatchey IV
Walter and Kathy McClelland
Heather McCullough
Lamar McGinnis
John and Mary Helen McGruder
John & Teresa McLean
Bob & Judy McMahan
Jon & Sharon McMillan
The McNeil, Powell & Dempsey Families
Ben and Nancy Meluskey
Phyllis Menser
William and Laurie Merritt
Jeff and Jan Metcalf
Robert and Catherine Michael
J.P. and Latrell Miles
Rick & Cherie Miller
Charles and Suzanne Miller
Harry & Sandy Mills
Don & Pat Minor
John Mitchell
Ernie Mitchell Family
Bob & Gwen Moore
Alexander and Elizabeth Morehouse
The Mori Family
Terry Morris
Sonny & Christy Morris
Billy, Marie & Allie Morse
Brenda Moseley
Jeffrey and Doris Muir
Holly and Mark Murphy
Jim and Robin Murray
Allen & Jennie Nance
Chris and Beth Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. D. Wayne Nesmith
Roger and Leann Neuenschwander
James and Dorothy Newland
Walter & Kay Nielsen
The Noonan Family
Colleen & Sam Nunn
Gail & Bob O Leary
Joel and Valerie O Neal
Ray and Frances Orton
Gervaise Orzech
John and Gail Otis
Raymond Pagano
William Parker
Philip and Dr. Virginia Parks
Laine Parrott
Robert and Jacqueline Patrick
The Patterson Family
Earl & Mary Patton
Richard and May Payne
Nora McNeill and Mallary Perry
Bob Persky
Lester & Pat Petrie
Lynn Cochran and Skip Petters
Michael Phelan
Mike Phelan
Randy & Suzanne Phillips
George and Libba Pickett
JM and Susanne Pinkerton
Joan and Wayne Plaster
Cathy and Steve Plump
Peter and Stephanie Pomeroy
The Poole Family
Jim and Dee Pope
Derek and Kendall Porter
Gergory and Willa Presmanes
Bruce, Christine, Carolyn & John Propst
Richard and Marilyn Pugmire
David Purrington
Stephen Pusey
John & Jane Puskas
David Quave Family
Bruce Rado
Richard and Lynne Ramsaur
Cecelia & David Ratcliffe
Paul Raulet
Dale and Barbara Ray
Randall and Tena Redding
Randall & Tena Redding
Diane Reese
Lilly and Jake Reid
Diane & John Rhea
Hal & Page Rhoad
Clifton Rhoad
William Rice
Howard and Mary Ann Rich
Ralph and Merryl Rindik
Ralph and Merryl Rindik
Tom Rogers
Tracie and Andy Ronemus
Gary & Mary Root
William Roper, Jr. and Christy Roper
Jim & Jennifer Ross Ross – Smith Families
Martha Rosselot
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ruark
Rick & Stacey Rubin
Louis Runge
Bruce and Debbie Russell
Terry Saban
Phillip Sadler
Phillip Sadler
Lynn & Jan Saperstein
Lynn & Jan Saperstein
Mike, Mickey, Somer & Buddy Satterfield
William and Dian Schilling
Robert Schultz
William Scogin, Jr. and Mary Ann Scogin
Brad & Joye Scott
Tom & Lori Scott
David Settles
Bill Shearer and Family
Patricia Sheehan
Jim & Susan Shepherd
Susan & Jim Shepherd
Steve & Nancy Simms
Judy& Jim Simpson
Gerald and Rebecca Sims
Benny and Deavie Sims
Gary & Brenda Sirmons
Robert Slayden
Bob & Beryle Slayden, Flying Horse Lodge
Roger and Martha Smith
Early & Bill Smith
Roger and Martha Smith
Richard & Lori Smith
Lori and Rick Smith
Jerry Smith & Family
Barbara Snelling
Charlie & Sue Snelling
Charlie & Sue Snelling
Steven and Deborah Spade
Ann & Bill Speer
Mimi & Lawson Spence
Jack Stafford
Gus & Connie Stallworth
Thomas and Alice Stampiglia
Jim & Janis Stapleton
R.E. or M.M. Steed
dick and malinda steed
William and Ellen Steinhaus
Ferdinand and Margaret Stent
Richard and Barbara Stephens
Larry & Lynn Stevens
Alan Stith
Hugh and Beverly Stith
Lawrence & Suzanne Stockton
Wade and Celine Stribling
Mr. and Mr. Robert Stubbs
Jim & Denise Suddes
Jim & Denise Suddes
Steve & Michelle Sullivan
Terrance and Kathy Sullivan
Dean Swanson
Stewart and Carol Swanson
Robert Swanson & Denise Summers
Mark Anthony Swiecichowski
The Tallis Family
Judy & Glenn Taylor
Elizabeth and Michael Thompson
The T.H. Thompson Family
Tommy Thompson Family
Catherine and Charles Thorp
Gina & B.P. Tillman
John and Barbara Trapnell
Richard Tucker
James and Carol Turner
James and Carol Turner
Tom Usilton, Jr. & Valerie Usilton
Dolores and Edward Ustinowich
The Varn Family
Rex & Vicky Veal
Dick and Anne Vincent
James & Lynn Wallis
Michael and Jane Walsh
Michael and Jane Walsh
Joan and Mike Walters
Lt. Col Felker Ward, Jr. and Mary Ward
Joseph and Lisa Wargo
Ronald and Brenda Waters
Eric Watson
Bob Watt, Jr.
Randy, Joy, Christine & Randy Webster
Beth Webster
Spencer and Leigh Welch
Richard Weldon
Jim & Sandy Wellman
Tommy and Connie West
Aileen and William Wieland
Libba Wight
The Wilbanks Family
J.S. and Deborah Wilkes
Steve and Robin Williams – In Memory of Helen and Mason Whitney
Robin Williamson
Jeff and Kim Willis
B. F. and Beverly Wilson
Alison & Steve Winter
Bunny Winter Winter/Doyle
David & Claire Withers
Leonard and Carla Wood
Barry and Sandra Wood
Harriet and Bruce Woodward
Eileen and Glenn Wyatt
Dee & Molly Yancey Family
Sana and Don Thomas