Is the Fireworks Show actually on the 4th of July?

Not necessarily. The show is always on a Saturday night at 9:30PM off Billy Goat Island. We decide which Saturday from year to year.

When is the Fireworks Show this year?

All the details for this year’s show can be found here: Show Details

What happens if it rains?

Our rain delay policy is to delay the show for up to 1 hour before postponing the show until the following evening. The set up, storage, and shooting crew issues make it very difficult to go to the following Saturday night.

Is there somewhere we can watch the fireworks from land?

Unfortunately, not. There is no public parking lot or public property close to Billy Goat Island. The best way to view the show is by boat.

How do we get to the show?

SLOWLY. Please treat the lake as a NO WAKE ZONE during the evening of the fireworks show. Allow plenty of time to idle your boat toward Billy Goat Island until you find a suitable place to view and enjoy the fireworks show from the water.

Who pays for the Lake Burton 4th of July Fireworks Show?

Donations are made to “Lake Burton Fireworks” and come from several hundred homeowners, small business owners, and visitors around Lake Burton. There is no corporate sponsor. It is 100% community funded. If you are going to attend, we would love for you to Donate Here!

A lot of money is collected. How do I know how my donation was spent?  

A third party bookkeeper handles all accounting. All donors’ names are published unless they request to be anonymous. All income and expenses are published on our website and balances from the banking account are carried over from year to year. Every dollar is accounted for and only spent on fireworks and related expenses!

Who actually purchases the fireworks and shoots the show?

Our show producer for the last decade or more has been Pyrotecnico of New Castle, Pennsylvania ( They are fully insured via a $10M general liability policy and have an excellent safety record. Pyrotecnico is nationally known for producing hundreds of fireworks shows across the USA. They organize the show and hire the professionally trained crew to shoot the show.

How did the show get started and who is behind it now?

The original idea and first years’ shows came from long-time Lake Burton resident Mason Whitney in 1975. He asked a young Hal Rhoad to take over the effort to raise the funds and hire a professional pyrotechnic company in 1980. Hal has been the organizer ever since.

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