2000 Letter

May 10, 2000

Dear Neighbors:

Plans are in the works for the 18th annual “Fourth of July” fireworks program.  Details are as follows:

When:        Saturday, July 1,  2000 @ 9:30 p.m.

Where:        South End of Billy Goat Island

Rain Date:    Sunday, July 2, 2000 (See note below)

Thanks to the generosity of so many of you, the lake community continues to enjoy a great evening of fireworks and family fun.  Last year was a record year for contributions (see attached Financial Statement), as a result of your generosity we are able to put on a $17,000 show. We have contracted for an $18,000 show this year so obviously your contributions are vital for our show to continue. Question??? Is the show big enough? Should I:  1) cap it at this level, $18,000  2) grow it $500/yr?  3) grow it $1000/yr.?  Write a note or send an e-mail (see bottom of page) and let me know what  you think!

This year I would like to ask for a $30 per family contribution, (it’s been $25 since the beginning) many of you are more generous than that and it is appreciated. My reserve fund is shrinking (see financial statement) and our number of contributing families is about the same.  Approximately 1400 letters go out and 604 families sent a contribution in 1999 (see contributors list enclosed).  We were able to cover some extra one time expenses last year related to clearing, trenching, and rip-rap stone work around the end of  Billy Goat Island. THANKS!!!

Pyrotecnico is again our show producer.  Because of the growth of the show and the large shells included please stay back at least 900 feet from the shooting site and out from under falling embers as this is an obvious fire hazard.

Rain Delay:  Our “rain policy” is as follows:  If it is raining at 9:30pm on Saturday “shoot night,” then we will delay the show 30 minutes and reevaluate our chances of shooting.  We will then and only then make the decision to shoot or postpone the show until Sunday night.  An announcement to postpone will come by bullhorn from the crew on the island after consulting with me. There is no reasonable way to contact all of you by phone.  Storms can blow through quickly.  If it is raining you will have to use your best judgement as to whether to come out so you can hear an announcement to postpone.  Let’s pray for perfect weather and not have to worry about rain!

We are still accident free for the past 17 years!  I would like to ask all of you to treat the lake as NO WAKE ZONE to and from the show.  Also, please make sure running lights, life preservers, and fire extinguishers are there and in good order – let’s be safe!

SPECIAL THANKS to Pat Thompson of Shoreline Construction Company for the use of his barge to transport the truckload of shells and equipment safe and dry to and from Billy Goat Island.  THANKS PAT!

ALSO, MY THANKS to Wildcat Volunteer Fire Department for helping with safety and logistics; Cynthia Whitney and Mason Whitney with Whitney Realty, Fred Stewart with The Mountain Patrol, and Cheryl Parker with Georgia Power Company for their much appreciated help with this event.

Best Wishes for a Great Summer!!!
Hal J. Rhoad

Make checks payable to: Lake Burton Fireworks.  Please use the enclosed self-addressed envelope with all contributions and mail by July 1st   ,2000 (in order to ensure proper listing on the contributor’s list). Also, please write on your check how you prefer your name to be listed on the contributor’s list.  If you have any questions, please contact Hal Rhoad or Linda Mixon at 770-449-1444, x207 and x254 respectively.  Our address is Lake Burton Fireworks c/o Cherokee Metals Company, 4648 South Old Peachtree Rd. Norcross, GA 30071. E Mail is lindamixon@cherokeemetals.com lindamixon@cherokeemetals.com  or   halrhoad@cherokeemetals.com


2000 Lake Burton Fireworks

Financial Statement

Beginning Balance                                 $  6,703.63

Cash Disbursements:

1)    Pyrotecnico                2501        $ 5,000.00

2)    Fireworks Display Permit        2502                10.00

3)    Transamerica Printing            2503           1,647.76

4)    Pyrotecnico                2504         12,000.00

5)    Jaminda Enterprises (Barge fuel)    2505              150.00

6)    Jaminda Enterprises             2505            3005.00

(Major clearing & rip rap)

Total Disbursements:                            <$21,812.76>


1)    ‘99 Contributions                    $19,648.00

2)    La Prade’s Camp     (reimburse 1/2 postage)        $     160.13

Total Credits:                                 $26,511.76

Balance As Of November 1999                         $  4,465.67