2010 Letter

My name is Hal Rhoad and along with my wife Page, we are second generation Lake Burton summer residents. In 1980/81 I was in my early 20’s and took over the effort to organize a professional fireworks display from long time Lake Burton legend, the late Mason Whitney. Without his support and encouragement this probably would have never happened. My early years involved raising the money via mail and ferrying the shells and crew out to Billy Goat Island on my pontoon boat. Now with the help of many volunteers from our Fire Departments and the support of The Mountain Patrol and Georgia Power Company, and the generosity of the families around the lake this show has grown from a meager $3000 to the $23,000+ show we all enjoyed last summer.

Our website www.lakeburtonfireworks.com was new last year and a great way to get information out to all interested families.  We will also mail letters to all on our mailing list asking for a donation, ($50/family) or whatever you can send. We would love to have your email address so we can cut down the expense of regular mail. We WILL NOT give your email address to anyone!

This year’s show will be Saturday July 3rd, 2010. Always 9:30PM off Billy Goat Island.

Rain delay policy is we will delay the show up to1 hour before deciding if we have to go to Sunday night July 4th, 2010. The set up, storage, and crew issues make it very difficult to go to the following Saturday night.

Pyrotecnico, New Castle PA www.pyrotecnico.com is again our show producer. They are one of the largest producers or fireworks displays in the world. They are fully insured via a $10M general liability policy and have an excellent safety record.

Let me again emphasize the importance of boating safety during this event. Please, treat the lake as a NO WAKE ZONE the evening of the show. Slow down and enjoy the ride.

Also, stay back from the shooting site at least 900 feet to avoid falling embers from the shells. Check your lights, life jackets, and fire extinguisher before idling to the show site.

Promotional assistance from the following organizations is really appreciated:

Lake Burton Civic Association, Linda Dixon, President 

West Rabun Property Owners, Charlie Brundage owner/editor

Lake Burton Road Runners Club, sponsors of the Lake Burton Fun Run, founder Robert Nichols

Thanks again for your generous support for all these years! Have a fantastic summer on the best and most beautiful lake in the South!

Hal J Rhoad

Lake Burton Fireworks

770-449-1444 x207